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70 National Honor Society Inductees Make History

inducteesOn Wednesday evening, June 9, 70 juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society; the largest group of inductees in the history of Hastings High School.
Students are selected for the National Honor Society based on four pillars of achieving high standards of scholarship, leadership, service and character. During the ceremony, the inductees pledged to maintain and encourage these standards.
Superintendent William McKersie and Hastings High School Principal Louis Adipietro congratulated the student inductees and their families, and thanked Maria Rudolph and Randi Shaw for their efforts as the NHS Faculty Advisors.
Addressing the students, Adipietro said, "Understand and be proud of the moment you see in front of you because you earned it. In the two toughest years, you earned it!"
McKersie challenged the group to be leaders who constantly blend their “head, heart and hand," bringing their intellect, their compassion, their talents, and their willingness to lend a hand to address problems or issues facing Hastings, our nation and world.
Using a metaphor. McKersie reminded students to "always consider and thank your Tenzing Norgay." Norgay is the noble Sherpa who ensured that Sir Edmund Hillary made it through thin air to be the first to ascend Mount Everest.
4 adminsibstatorsThe 70 student inductees are: Isabelle Aiken, Jack Alfandre, Julien Amsellem, Emila Anderson, Noah Angoff, Eric Louis Bagtas, Frances Canant, Daniel Caramanica, Joshua Chang, Eesha Chen, Catherine Cho, Ayla Demirdelen, Isabella DePreist-Sullivan, Owen Druehl, Carolina Feng, Zoe Fingleton, Lucca Forrest, Emilia Franco, Miya Frank, Isabelle Fries, Noah Greenwald, Noa Hart, Beatrice, Herbstman, Isabela Hesquijarosa, Tess Iosepovici, Daniel Jaczynski, Bliss Johnsen, Reed Kennedy, Sam Kennedy, Hannah Kirshbaum, Sarah Korosi, Emma Leddy, Ezekiel Manly, Sander Markley, Patrick McCormack, Cian McDermott, Kate McDermott, Michael McQueen, Julia Mooney, Nuala Mullen, Aisha Nassar, Zachary Navarrete, Liam Painter, Victoria Pereira, Owen Pietraszek, Diana Pinto, Gus Renzin,Talia Richer, Micaela Ross, Julia Rotiroti, Katharine Rubenstein, Milo Rubin, Mamie Rushkoff, Ann Sarfaty, Amanda Scholz, Michael Scholz, Dashiell Sheng, Kari Sheng, Gabrielle Yejin Shin, Jonah Sills, Vivian Smith, Makenzie, Steinberg, Marko Shuto, Owen Taylor, Anna Thomas, Austin Traendly, Amelia Verba-Beaudoin, Sarah Weinstein, Ava Wilmont, Gil Zion.
In the words of Rudolph, NHS Advisor, "take this moment to be proud of yourself as you have reached one of the greatest milestones of your illustrious high school career."