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Hastings High Schoolers Celebrate Valentine's Day the Roman Way

Students, some wearing togas, at a table with red table clothLast night, high schoolers celebrated Lupercalia, Roman Valentine's Day, in the cafeteria.

Decked out in robes with a Valentine’s Day flair, festive sunglasses, and heart stickers on their cheeks, students enjoyed a pot-luck dinner, participated in a gift exchange, and engaged in other fun activities including a game of Jeopardy. 

high schoolers celebrated Lupercalia, Roman Valentine's Day“I am grateful to Magistra Lilah Katz, Latin teacher at Irvington High School, for helping me plan the event,” said Hastings High School’s Latin Teacher Ellen Driscoll. “And I was so happy to give the gift of a social event, in person, to our deserving students.”

Irvington high school students were also invited to attend.