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Hastings Wins Big at the Somers Science Fair

SOmers Science Fair logoJuniors in Hastings' Science Research program participated in the Somers Science Fair on Saturday, June 3, at Somers High School. Participants were judged on their science research projects.

With a remarkable showing, 21 Hastings students won awards:


  • Riya Chandra: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Miles Hamilton: Chemistry
  • Sonya Lasser: Bioinformatics
  • Harin Lee: Medicine and Health
  • Miles Levine: Behavioral Science
  • Owen Linder: Engineering
  • Maya Madajewicz: Earth and Space Science
  • Denim McNeil: Environmental Science 
  • Lionel Muench: Engineering
  • Aynsley Zamore: Plant Science


  • Leo Burdick: Behavioral Science
  • Dash Dolgins: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Shira Oppenheimer: Medicine and Health
  • Maya Tadmor: Medicine and Health
  • Leon Wang: Cell and Molecular Biology


  • Justin Baldasarre: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Benny Feldman: Behavioral Science
  • Andre Konon: Engineering
  • Luca Melo: Behavioral Science
  • Livi Seidenberg: Behavioral Science
  • Paul Sliker: Environmental Science

"Congratulations to the winners and all of the students who participated!" said Science Chairperson Melissa Shandroff.