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Sloris our Second Grade Slow Loris

 slow loris
   Hello, I am a slow loris.  I am so happy that Mrs. Clarke brought me to Hillside School!  I love visiting her classroom; I am looking forward to learning so much in second grade!  Through the World Wildlife Fund your class has adopted a slow loris.  Slow lorises like me are at risk of becoming endangered and your class's donation will help to protect slow lorises and their habitats.  Later this year we will be learning all about animal habitats and plants!  
   I am very excited about spending some time with you and your family.  I love meeting new people and going to new places.  We can even teach the people we meet about slow lorises, if they have never met one before.  Please help me to record my travels with you by taking some photographs or drawing pictures of our time together and writing about our adventures.  We will read your journal entry aloud at school and share the pictures so everyone can hear about the fun we had together.  
   Everyone in the class will have a chance to take me home this year, even Mrs. Clarke!  Your parents will sign you up to take me home for one weekend during the school year.  Let the adventures begin!
                                                       Your slow and furry friend,
slow loris
 This is one of my cousins from India!