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Oral History Project Brings Generations Together


Senior Friends Day at FMS

The day before Thanksgiving is a special day for Farragut Middle School 6th grade students as they invite senior friends and grandparents to the school for an oral history project

After being welcomed and entertained in the high school auditorium, the 40 seniors and students dispersed to classrooms where the students conducted oral history interviews of the senior guests. They asked questions such as how schools are different today, what music did they listen to, what did their parents do for work, and what did they plan to do when they grew up (and what they actually did). The guests also brought in mementos and objects to share. 


Senior Friends Day Guest List 2018

Susie Lesser

Stuart Podolsky

Richard Reesr

Bernie Leifer Cane

Linda Mooney

John Cannon

Molly Muskin

Laydes Acosta

Irene Elbaum

Norman Leonarczyk

Christine Leonarczk

Dora Rizzo

Cliff Milat

Sima Milat

Dan Langer

Eileen Langer

Larry Thomas

Steve Zimmerman

Betty Zimmerman

Hazel Buchwald

Sharon Druehl

Ned Druehl

Nancy Walters

Sandy Bogin

Judy Szwecki

Aaron Carr

Patricia Foley

Lyn Culpepper

Sue Best

Tamar Erez

Barry Sweitzer

Robert Foster

Suzanne Foster

Danny Hurlburt

Roxaina Hurlburt

Thomas Dunn

James DAvenport

Ninfa Tovar

Hilda Karp

Joel Karp