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Holocaust Survivor Judith Altmann Speaks with FMS Students

To watch the program presented by Ms. Judith Altmann, click here.
Ms. Judith Altmann, a captivating speaker who has presented to many schools on her experiences surviving the Holocaust spoke with FMS seventh and eighth grade students. She described watching her hometown of Jasina, Czechoslovakia transform under Nazi occupation. Her account of being transported to Auschwitz and her last tender moments with her father. After surviving terrible conditions in the camps and witnessing the horrors of Dr. Josef Mengele, Ms. Altmann's hopeful description of her liberation and life after the Holocaust inspired all the students.
Also included in Ms. Altmann's talk was a call to all students to read for information, question immoral decision-making, and organize in order to prevent the types of systematic oppression and devastating loss wrought by the Holocaust. 


This powerful event was brought to the seventh and eighth graders thanks to the support of the PTSA, who funded Ms. Altmann's presentation, and a partnership with the Holocaust Human Rights and Education Center. A video of the event should be available on the district's website this week.