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Summer Learning Program 2020

District Engages in Summer Learning Program to Provide 

Continuous Learning Opportunity

On July 13, 2020 the Hastings-on-Hudson School District implemented its first-ever Summer Learning Program as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and shift to online learning. The District offered this opportunity to students with IEPs, English Language Learners, students who performed at a Level 1 on the State Test, and those who needed credit or content recovery. Ultimately, 104 students were identified who would be entering the first through eleventh grades that needed additional summer academic support.

“This is a very needed opportunity for us to provide a continuous learning experience for students who were determined to benefit most from additional support,” stated Melissa Szymanski, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. She continued, “As a district we are concerned about what is being termed the “COVID slide”, and we want to lessen the potential of any widening achievement gaps that may have resulted from the transition to online learning.”

According to Ms. Szymanski, this was not an extended school year program nor a compensatory program, but rather the opportunity for a boost. The Summer Learning Program integrated adaptive tools that adjust to the needs of each learner. These resources also allowed the teachers to target learning. Four web-based tools were used that include Odysseyware, Achieve 3000, Edgenuity, and Dreambox, the latter of which all students in K-8 grades have access to.

To launch the Summer Learning Program staff was hired, class lists developed, students’ schedules created, appropriate courses for content and credit recovery at the high school level identified, and web-based resources procured. Also, professional training sessions were implemented for the staff and outreach conducted to families.

Teachers working with students in the program report a positive impact. Britney Skultety, a Special Education teacher remarked, “The Summer Learning Program was a great way for me to support our most vulnerable learners in a time where everything feels so uncertain. Students reported that they liked the programs as they provided videos, readings, and assignments to check for their understanding. I was able to support students in both small groups and individually to ensure a greater understanding of curriculum based work from the previous year, as well as build relationships that are so important for our youngsters. This program allowed students to feel more confident with the material, while creating structure and a consistent routine, both academically and socially.”

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