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Kaylee Oppenheimer Scores High in Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Kaylee Oppenheimer participated this summer in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, a competition where competitors had to explain a big scientific idea in Physics, Life Science or Mathematics with a short video in three minutes or less.

Kaylee created her video on the DNA editing tool, CRISPR in June of this year. She recently found out that her video scored in the top 30% of all videos in the peer to peer review phase.

Her video begins with the question, "What if we all could become superheroes?" Kaylee then discusses CRISPR-CAS9 and how it will allow people to edit their genetic material; and, if someone has a genetic disease, go into their genes, contribute to them, edit them and perhaps one day be cured.

Please take a moment to watch this 3-minute video. You will be amazed.

"I am really proud of Kaylee for her submission to this competition," said her Science teacher Melissa Shandroff. "She appreciated the experience of explaining a complex topic in an effort to make it understandable to all. Kaylee is known for using analogies to get a point across, which I think she did successfully through this video. Congratulations Kaylee!"

Congratulations Kaylee from the entire Hastings School District!