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Everything looks so clean and shiny!

"Everything looks so clean and shiny!"
These words were excitedly spoken by Alyssa Schlacter when she saw her fourth grade classroom for the first time last week during Hillside Elementary School's orientation. She also remarked how excited she was to be back in the classroom. "It looks very different. The desks are spread apart." The classroom was that of Ms. Vaccaro. What else happened? The students devoured the classroom library, picking out books they could read.
There were many positive remarks, and much happiness with the children returning to get a glimpse of Hillside. Principal Amy Cazes, as she helped students out of cars onto the sidewalk remarked, "This is truly the best moment. Seeing the children get out of the cars and having them back."
Parents and students shared similar sentiments. Parent Alaina Levine who is new to the district said that the remote learning experience was good, but her child is so excited to be going to school in person and can't wait to meet new people, teachers, and make friends. Second grade student Thomas Reynolds gave a thumbs up about being back and he can't wait to get on the playground equipment. Parent Suzie O'Connor said, "This is so wonderful, even sweeter than before. Very nice to get back."
Pilar Bates, a student, said she was really excited about everything and seeing her friends. She really wanted to go back. Parent Jamie Mackenzie said that the teachers have been incredible in communicating with the families. And of course there were questions from the children about snack time! 
To see a few photos of what Hillside Elementary School classrooms look like, visit the District's Facebook page where we will continue to add photos: