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Hastings Students Say Farewell to First Marking Period

Hastings Students Say Farewell to First Marking Period
With the first marking period of the school year in the books, students at Farragut Middle School and Hastings High School stopped to reflect on Friday. Though the virus tabled many events and activities, students at home and in school are soldiering on and making the most of their time in school while having fun as well.  Students roaming the halls on Friday reviewed their last week of the marking period and, despite adjustments to COVID, were happy with how Hastings students and staff have fared.  
“I could say it’s been a different experience so far, but I’m extremely happy to see everyone coming together through thick and thin,” said Emma Nathanson, a junior at Hastings High School. 
“I’m very happy to see everyone taking the virus seriously.”
In Farragut Middle School, students were quick to note that, although the beginning of the school year had its bumps, the road has gotten much smoother. 
“The start of the school year was rough,” said eighth grader Jackson Acree. “Then it got a lot easier.” 
Acree and his friends were working hard in a hallway of Farragut Middle School on Friday. Separated six feet apart and masked up, the group agreed on an uncertain start but remained optimistic for the future. 
“It was kind of rocky in the beginning,” said eighth grader Sophia Nathanson.
Sophia, like her older sister, found her first marking period to be different from past school years but praised the teachers and staff of the Hastings-on-Hudson School District. 
“They ended up handling it really well.” 
Students are set to return to schools for the second marking period this Monday. 
Emma Nathanson, junior at Hastings High School, says peace to the first marking period.
Eighth graders Sophia Nathanson, Jackson Acree, and Royal Peterson gather together in a Farragut Middle School hallway.