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Hillside Elementary School Celebrates 100 Days of Kindergarten

100 Days Image The kindergarten class at Hillside Elementary celebrated 100 days of learning last week.

The students marked their 100th day of kindergarten with a variety of activities including math games, exercising, and using their imaginations as part of a class-wide celebration of learning.

“It’s a really important day for kindergarteners,” said kindergarten co-team leader Tammie Cecere. “This is a way to celebrate all of their hard work across all academic areas for the past 100 days.”

In Cecere’s classroom, students were celebrating the milestone with many activities catered to the number. While moving their bodies, the students brainstormed about where they might be 100 years in the future, with predictions of living abroad, being a scientist, and taking trips to the moon.

“I want to go to space and be a policeman when I am 100 years old,” wrote one kindergartener.

With several administrators dressed as Zero the Hero, a superhero who speaks about the importance of the number zero, the students learned how the integer is essential in arithmetic. The costumed administrators – Hillside librarian Jamie Nedwick, Guidance Counselor Juliann Snyder, and Principal Amy Cazes – weren’t the only ones dressed up. With self-made crowns on their heads, the kindergarteners enjoyed feeling like royalty for the day.

“We’re so proud of all of our amazing kindergarteners,” Cecere said. “They’ve been continuing to learn and nothing will stop us from learning to our maximum.”

In addition to their crowns, the students all received shirts, generously donated by the Hastings Education Fund. Each shirt displayed the students' high school graduation year, 2033, to represent their dedication to learning and the future. Cecere said that she hopes that many of them will hold on to them for the future, be it in another 100 days or even longer!

“The shirts are so special because they will be wearing the same shirts when they graduate kindergarten,” Cecere said. “Maybe some of them will even have them when they graduate high school.”

Zero Hero