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Watch Out Wall Street: Farragut Middle School Investors Are On the Way

Some of the students of Devita Cruz's eighth grade investing class talk stocks in the hallway.Farragut Middle School students who played the Stock Market Game had only one regret: They weren’t playing with real money.

Two teams in Devita Cruz’s eighth grade investing class beat out 131 other investors to place first and second in the region in the Stock Market Game, an online stock market simulation that allows students to virtually invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The simulation gave students hands-on experience in the stock market.

“I like the balance of it, you have to figure out what to invest in and what not to invest in and when to invest,” said Jake Andrus.

Investing started in September with $100,000 and some of the basics of the market. With help from the simulation, the students learned how to invest and how to make the most of their money—which is exactly what they did.

“All the stocks were down,” said James Doherty. “We were able to take advantage of COVID and buy super low.”

By April, the winning team ended up with $132,023, while the second place team earned $127,167. Students on the Farragut Middle School trading room floor worked together to find the best investments, while one of their biggest tricks was actually keeping their heads in the sky.

“We invested in JetBlue because it was right before Thanksgiving with all the travel,” said Andrew Rice. “It went down but then it shot up.”

The rate of return for the students even surprised their teacher. For Cruz, the simulation proved to be a valuable resource in teaching investing and an example of how well her students could possibly do on Wall Street in the future.

"These students thought critically about the economy, the current market, and predicted how the market would trend in the coming months, and they were right,” she said. “We are so proud of their efforts, and are excited to see their future in investing grow."

Speaking of their future in investing, the students all shared an interest in trying their hands at the real thing, while one student spoke for most of the class on what his favorite part of the simulation was.

“I like making money,” said Samson Mines.

The full rosters of the first and second place teams are:

First place

  • Andrew Pretti
  • Marcus Galland
  • Jacob Levan
  • Museh McAllister

Second place

  • Andrew Rice
  • Callum McCabe
  • Samson Mines
  • Jake Andrus
  • Sebastian Zarkowski
  • Luca Rowley
  • Tobais Navarrete