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Hillside Elementary School Students Watch Construction Milestone with Cement Pour Ceremony

Watching concrete pourAs the construction at Hillside Elementary School hits a milestone, students get a glimpse at how some things are set in stone—or rather cement.

Workers started the final concrete pour for the future building’s foundation Friday morning. With a steady stream of concrete mixing trucks working their way to the construction site, construction superintendent Rob Pellegrino invited students to watch scheduled cement pours throughout the day.

“The truck mixes the cement and then it turns into stone,” said third-grader Mark A. “That’s what holds the school up.”

Watching construction workers use heavy equipment to do their jobs, students were also treated to the fundamentals of foundation construction. They learned why the foundation is the most important part of any building and what goes into the cement.

“It seems quick when they pour it but it actually takes a long time to mix and dry,” said third-grader Beila B.

Now that the foundation has been poured, students can expect to see other phases of construction in the coming weeks.

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Cement truck at work