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Who Has a Green Thumb?

Hillside Elementary School students Lola L. and Julia C. show their plants off for the camera.Second graders at Hillside Elementary School are finding out they may have a green thumb.

Students have been growing plants in small groups in second-grade classrooms as part of their science curriculum this past month. While observing their plants' growth and keeping track of changes in journals, the students are learning how to care for them.

“I enjoyed planting the seeds in the beginning and imagining what they would look like as they grew,” said student Maddie W. “Now, we get to see if what we imagined is what they actually look like.”

Measuring their small plants every few days, the students get a chance to see how sunlight and water affect growth in real time. While all the students are seeing similar results, some are turning the science lesson into a friendly horticultural competition.

“Ours is already eight centimeters long,” said Brady C. “That is the tallest in the class.”

Students are also learning how animals disperse seeds and how pollination works in nature. The students are able to put their knowledge of plant life to the test and predict their plants' growth each week in their journals. Students use pipettes to carefully feed water to the plants based on the data they are collecting.

“I think this is so much fun because I love plants,” said student Naomi B. “Plants are amazing with all that goes into getting them to grow.”

“I like how we get the chance to plant and help the plants grow,” added student Thomas Z.

The ongoing lesson has been a source of excitement for the students who have slowly watched their plants germinate before their eyes. For the future, students said they look forward to seeing their plants grow up just a little more.

“I think that next week our plants will start to grow buds and stronger and thicker stems,” said student Diana K.” “I am excited to see how the flower forms the pollen.”