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Hillside Elementary School Students Learn Opinion Writing with Reviews

Hillside Elementary School students celebrate their published reviews with a ceremony outside.Watch out Restaurant Row, Hillside Elementary School’s first grade has learned how to review!

As a part of common core standards to be able to engage in opinion writing, the young writers learned how to form and write out their own opinions. Each review needed to include a proper introduction, reasoning and evidence to support their opinions. However, the most challenging part for the students was learning the art of persuasion.

“We’ve been working really hard on writing the reviews and making them convincing,” said first grader Amelia H.

For the assignment, students had to think about something that they felt strongly about and add details and recommendations to their reviews. Topics ranged from restaurants, vacation spots, and even their favorite family games.

“My review was on Twister,” said Amelia H. “People should try Twister because it moves your body and a lot of other people's bodies and you laugh a lot because it puts you into really silly movements.”

With their fair arguments planted firmly, the students then needed to rate their topic on a five-star scale before editing their reviews. After completing the assignment, the first grade held a publishing party where students were able to read aloud their reviews and recommendations, possibly reasoning their classmates into trying something new or rethinking their own opinions.

“They got really into it and some of them even wrote about their favorite spots in Hastings-on-Hudson,” said first grade teacher Kaetlyn O’Sullivan. “It gets them to understand how much they have to say and how their opinions matter but that they have to support them as well.”