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Hastings on Hudson Schools 2021 Chamber Music Virtual Concert

James Tong
Waterflower by Lionel Yu
Reuban Belasco, Maxwell Silva-Steeves, Joaquin Toledo-Chae, Jasper Wolferman
Swallowtail Jig, Arranged by, John Higgins
Vivienne Guevin-Gill
Simple Mambo #8 by, Thierry Tisuerland
Miles Levine
Suite No.3 in G Major by, J.S. Bach
Jasper Zimmerman
Jumping Bean by, Jasper Zimmerman
Sofia Eliasi, Nitin Kodali, Johanna Nollen, Christian Quambo, Lucas Aney
The Best of Queen, Arranged by Larry Moore
Claire Jaing
Mazurka in Bb by, Frederic Chopin
Yumay Linn and Corina Tucker
Be Thou My Vision, Traditional
Bebe Seidenberg
Sonata No.3 by, Claude Debussy
Lucas Aney
Like Someone in Love by, Jimmy Van Heuseny and John Burke
Emmett McGrath and Seamus Pugh
Tan Lin (The Glasgow Reel) Traditional
Bella Gordon
Allegro and Folksong by, Aaron Shearer
Clara Grinberg
Turkish March by, W.A. Mozart
Sofia Eliasi and Natalie Garson
Ode to G# by, Eliasi and Garson
Zoe Verduin
Concerto No.2, Summer, 3rd Movement by, A. Vivaldi