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Hillside Elementary School Students Celebrate End of the Year with Sprinkler Party

Some Hillside Elementary School students enjoying their end of the year sprinkler party.Some Hillside Elementary School students were able to celebrate the end of the school year this week with a splash!

Hillside Elementary School’s second grade held its end of the year party and picnic this past Wednesday. Students were able to enjoy time with their classmates and reflect on this past school year by sharing their favorite lessons and accomplishments.

“I loved learning about everything,” said student George L. “I really liked learning about opinion writing and I wrote about a graphic novel series.

“I liked learning how to do three digit addition this year,” added Luca C.

After looking back on their year of learning, students held a special celebration to start the summer, and what is a better way to start summer than running through some sprinklers and tossing up water balloons?

“It was a lot of fun to get wet because I barely have time to go to the pool on other days,” said Caroline G.

Hillside Elementary School students celebrating at their sprinkler party.After soaking up some sun and plenty of water, students lounged on beach towels and had snacks on the athletic field, in what teachers said was the perfect ending to another year at Hillside Elementary School.

“The second grade teachers are so incredibly proud of their students for their flexibility as well as growth,” said second grade teacher Dianna Clarke. “We are also so thankful to second grade families for all of their support this year.”