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Hillside Elementary School Students Head Back to the Classrooms

Seeing old friends and making new ones, learning classroom routines and getting used to new schedules were all part of the first week of school at Hillside Elementary School.

And while returning students spent time this week reuniting with classmates and teachers, the newest members of the Hillside community, this year’s kindergarteners, walked into school for the first time.

Welcome BackTeachers welcomed incoming kindergarten students with open arms. While the school’s youngest students were busy making new friends, two kindergarteners were actually well acquainted with one another.

“I knew her before kindergarten,” said Benjamin H. “We were both in preschool.”

“We met each other long before preschool too,” said Eleanor F.

Although Eleanor F. and Benjamin H. are already friends, they also made new friends during their first days at Hillside Elementary School. “I like Mrs. D’Amato a lot,” said Benjamin H. “We did writing today and heard our teacher read.”

For kindergarten teacher Nina D'Amato, the first days of class have been a great way to get to know all the new faces and introduce her students to their new environment and schedule.

“We’ve had recess, met some of our special teachers, and are starting to get into our routines,” said D’Amato.

Many students already started to feel at home at Hillside Elementary School during the first week of school, due to the warm welcome they received from teachers and support staff.

“It’s good here,” said Benjamin H. “I like being at Hillside.”

The students aren’t the only ones joyful about being in school. Kindergarten teachers are thrilled to have their students in the classroom and are doing everything they can to make the adjustment to Hillside Elementary School a smooth one.

“I am so grateful we are all here in person,” said kindergarten teacher Tasnim Nagrath “I am looking forward to a very successful kindergarten school year.”

Nagrath noted that the focus for the kindergarten class for this month is on the transition into Hillside Elementary School, something that she said she felt all teachers are prepared and ready for this year.

“Right now, our charge is taking care of these children’s socioemotional learning,” said Nagrath “Transition is big for all grades but especially for kindergarten, and they have been brave and are adapting to life at Hillside.”