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Farragut Middle School Students Return to School

Farragut Middle School students pick out books at the library.A new school year means new routines, and even a bit of confusion, but Farragut Middle School students say that they are very happy to be back in class. 

“It is a little hectic but I like it a lot so far,” said sixth grade student Trinity Weise.

Like Weise, many returning middle school students know the drill: new classes, new rooms, and new teachers. For some students, however, they are entering these hallways as middle schoolers for the very first time.

Incoming fifth grade students have made the big move from Hillside Elementary School to Farragut Middle School. Although a change in location can cause some stress, students still shared their enthusiasm for the start of a new school year and a brand new school.

“It’s going good,” said student Gavin Smith. “I’m really looking forward to going to gym the most because I like sports.”

As fifth grade students settle into their new environment, they share a common goal with all Farragut Middle School students at the start of the year: getting used to their new schedules!

The change in schedule, room numbers, and teachers can be confusing at first but it is something that one middle schooler said did not deter her from having a good first couple of days.

“The schedules can be pretty confusing,” said sixth grade student Siri Lambert. “But once you get the hang of it, it isn’t so bad.”


two students reading in the library