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Hastings High School Students Get Back to School in Full Swing

HHS Seniors by front lobby windowLong awaited reunions with classmates and introductions to new teachers lent a festive air of excitement to the first week of school at Hastings High School. Both students and staff arrived with great anticipation, as the school opened for in-person learning for everyone — for the first time since March 2020.

As students entered the school for long awaited reunions with classmates and introductions to their new teachers, many of them shared a similar feeling toward the new school year: excited.

“It’s going really well so far,” said Hasting High School student Isabella Donohue. “I’m looking forward to this year and having a normal year of school after not really having one for two years.”

Donohue, along with friend Audrey Aney, both said they are excited for the new challenges and curriculum of their junior year. As they take another step closer to the last year of their high school careers, they said they are excited to see what their teachers have in store for them and anticipate furthering their education.

“I’m really looking forward to my teachers this year,” said Aney. “I think they will be able to push me forward more.”

The enthusiasm wasn’t only prevalent among the student body. Returning faculty and staff also shared their excitement about welcoming the students back this past week.

“I am thrilled to be completely in-person,” said Hastings High School Principal Louis Adipietro. “The students’ smiles on the first day of school could be seen through their masks. It was a great day.”

HHS Juniors in Library