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Hillside Elementary School Welcomes Colored in Character Day

A Hillside Elementary School student shows off their green attire at lunch on Colored in Character Day.The halls of Hillside Elementary School are colorful once again!

Hillside Elementary School kicked off its Colored in Character Days on Friday. By dressing in specific colors, students learn about and support important character traits.

This past Friday, Hillside Elementary School students and staff wore every shade of green from emerald to olive to mark the return to school.

“I like wearing green,” said first grade student Anthony S. “But orange is my favorite color.”

Hillside Elementary School guidance counselor Juliann Snyder said Colored in Character Days are a fun way to bring students together and welcome them back to school.

“It just feels good to see everybody excited to be back and be part of Hillside,” she said. “Seeing everyone in green just shows that we are family, we are building a community here, and there is no better way to do that than showing our school spirit."

A Hillside Elementary School student plays at recess representing Hastings.Faculty and staff also brought out their best Hastings-on-Hudson spirit wear on Friday, not only to flaunt their Hillside pride but to show the students that the day had a special meaning for them as well.

“It’s letting the students know that the staff are excited to be back,” said Snyder. “They need to know that the teachers and staff are just as excited as they are to be back.”

“Colored in Character Days are about unifying us,” added Hillside Elementary School Principal Amy Cazes. “Our School Counseling program has focused on many important character attributes including our core values of respect, courage, and curiosity and this year, we also celebrate the joy of everyone being back for in-person learning. What a wonderful way to show our school spirit and further bring our Hillside community together!”

While students were happy to flaunt their school colors, some pointed up other interpretations of the color as well.

“It’s the color of Hastings,” said second grade student Sam C. “But it’s also the color of dollars!”