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Hastings Alternative School Program (HASP) Ventures Outdoors

HASP students pose at the Taconic Outdoor Education CenterStudents in the Hastings Alternative School Program traveled to the Taconic Outdoor Education Center last week for some team-building activities in the great outdoors.

The students engaged in problem-solving games while getting to know their classmates a little better, learning how to collaborate and having fun along the way.

"The day was fun because it was about more than one person working to get something done,” said student Luca Dimnet. “We worked together to succeed in all the activities."

HASP students were able to test their problem-solving skills on a team-building rope course and outdoor activities designed for students to employ critical thinking and cooperation to achieve their goals together.

HASP students during a problem-solving activity.

“This is a great trip to kick off the year because it’s outdoors and the facility is designed to create community through these team-building activities,” said HASP teacher Peter Scotch. “It was a nice way to spend the day together and make those connections.”

While the exercises kept students active, Scotch said that the trip had a larger purpose.

“One of the most important things in HASP is a sense of community,” he said. “That we can feel special because we are a school within the larger school.”

While students in the HASP community may have known each other for years, Scotch said educational outings such as this allow students to learn things about each other they might not know.

“We’re getting to know each other in different ways,” he said. “This was really a chance to put them into a situation to do something different together and it's a reminder that there’s so much depth to a person.”


HASP students pose at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center.