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New Hastings High School Club Sets Sail

3 Students learing about points of a sail on whiteboardA new club at Hastings High School has set sail!

The Hastings High School Sailing Club held its first meeting of the year this past week with a crowd of students ready to hoist the mainsail.

The club invites students of all experience levels, from novices to nautical professionals, to learn the fundamentals of sailing. The club’s founders came up with the idea after discovering their mutual love of sailing.

“I’ve sailed since I was eight and sailing has always been something that I’ve loved and thought it would be great to share that,” said junior Vivian Smith.

“I’ve been sailing for 10 years now,” added sophomore Vanda Knezevic. “I’ve always thought how nice it would be to sail in this school because of how close we are to the water.”

It’s Knezevic and Smith’s first time starting a club, which is fitting since it is Hastings High School’s first time having a sailing club.

“It’s crazy to be able to start something like this even if it is small right now,” said Knezevic. “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun throughout the year.”

Two students discussing sailing with club members“I’ve never sailed on the Hudson so I thought that would be interesting,” said Smith. “And I thought it would be cool to try and get people in the school interested.”

For Knezevic and Smith, their interest in the sport not only comes from sailing itself but from problem solving and strategizing out in the water.

“It’s a really good separation from life,” said Smith. “It’s not just physical activity, it's a lot of mental work and it's fun.”

“It’s an interesting sport because you have to use your mind a lot,” added Knezevic. “You need to know so much about the wind, weather, and currents.”

 Although they have plenty of time behind the wheel, or tiller as it is known in sailing, Knezevic and Smith said that they are looking forward to some new experiences with the sailing club and going wherever the wind takes them this year.