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Hastings-on-Hudson Students Knit for a Neighbor

Knit logoSome students in Hastings-on-Hudson are picking up a new hobby to help those in need.

The Knit for a Neighbor program created by the Hastings Kids Involved Doing Service (KIDS) is providing students in the school district an opportunity to learn a new skill and help those in need at the same time.

Students will receive materials and instructions from The Observatory Shop, a local yarn store, to create two scarves in three sessions this month. Each student will donate one of their creations to Midnight Run, a volunteer organization dedicated to finding common ground between the housed and the homeless. Students said they hope their scarves will have more than a practical benefit.

“I think having something that is handmade shows those in need that people care about their situation and want to help,” said Hastings High School senior Liam Shanley. “There’s a more personal touch to this. Instead of just going out to a store and buying something, we are taking the time to make these.”

“I thought knitting for others would be helpful,” added Hastings High School junior Carolina Feng. “It is nice knowing that whatever I knit will go to someone.”

Students said that with winter weather fast approaching, the scarves will come to those in need at a crucial time.

“It’s hard for people in need, especially those who are unhoused during the winter,” said Shanley. “Having enough clothes just to survive the winter, especially here in New York when the temperature goes all the way down, is helpful.”

But first, the students will need to learn how to knit.

“I have no knowledge in knitting whatsoever,” said Shanley. “I’ve always wanted to help out in any way I could, but I thought it was a pretty interesting community service effort.”

Under the direction of Amanda Hsai, owner of the Observatory Shop, students will join the knitting circle and learn how to craft their own clothing, something she said she is glad to be facilitating.

“I loved the idea,” she said. “It’s so mindful and good for mental health and it’s extra special because not only is it something functional and warm but it’s from the heart. I think it’s so thoughtful at the age they are to give back.”