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Farragut Middle School Students Get Active with Grit Ninja

Kid clambering  up Climbing wallObstacle courses, balance challenges, and warped walls!

Farragut Middle School fifth graders tested their mettle on these problem-solving agility activities last week as a way to exercise some grit.

The Grit Ninja, a dynamic gym that offers a "ninja warrior" style obstacle course based fitness challenge for kids and adults, visited Farragut Middle School’s fifth grade and introduced obstacles that helped build strength, coordination, and agility in students with a focus on having fun and working as a team.

“It was really fun and I enjoyed it,” said fifth-grader Devan Kodali. “It felt a lot better to get out and do some more stuff outside.”

Student on Ninja obstacle“It was very interesting and was something new that we’ve never done before,” added fifth-grader Sophia Skaskiv. “It was a more fun experience than being stuck inside.”

Teachers said the Grit Ninja visit was designed to get students physically active while allowing them to participate in team-based activities with friends and classmates who they might not see every day.

“We thought it would be a nice idea to start the year off with this event so students would have the opportunity to interact with another class,” she said. “It was a great way to include team building and team spirit while focusing on social-emotional activities.”

Mulholland and other fifth-grade teachers hope the activity helps students to conquer other challenges as well.

“I think it was helpful for them to see in a different lens that they can overcome any obstacles that may be in their way this year as students,” said fifth-grade teacher Danielle Brennan.