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Farragut Middle School's Fifth Grade Celebrates Wellness Wednesday

A window with inspirational wraiting "you can do anything"Farragut Middle School’s fifth grade had a fun day focusing on being mindful. 

Students celebrated Wellness Wednesday last week to support their social emotional wellbeing. Students rotated through scheduled activities that promote mindfulness, healthy eating and exercise, and good hygiene habits at school and at home. 

“I liked the exercising activity,” said fifth grader Luca Chang. “I love moving around and jogging.”

“We had a good day,” added ​​fifth grader Juno Bomback. “I felt content and had a lot of fun.” 

Although the goal of the day was to work on their own wellbeing, that did not stop fifth graders from sharing their kind thoughts with the rest of Farragut Middle School. After learning about acceptance and kindness from Farragut Middle School Inclusion Facilitator Kristen Kumar, students wrote messages of encouragement on the cafeteria windows for all middle schoolers to see. 

Picture of a written dreamcatcher“They are nice messages and everyone will see them. It's art from the fifth grade that will spread kindness,” said Bomback. 

While many students enjoyed exercises or drawing, some students favored learning how to practice good hygiene with a fun science experiment. 

“My favorite project was the hygiene station,” said fifth grader Clinton Cassella. “We got glow in the dark powder on our hands that looked like germs and we had to wash it off.”

Teachers said the day was a great way to keep students involved while focusing on their own mental and physical health for the day. 

“The students were very engaged, and the team was so excited to host this for the second time,” said fifth grade teacher Shannon Mulholland. “It was incredible to see students and staff coming together throughout the event.” 

Students were also taught how to be mindful even when you sleep. 

writing on window“I liked making the dream catchers,” said fifth grader Connal Ostro. “I like the idea where you make nightmares get trapped and you don’t let them take over.”

Farragut Middle School counselor Jenna Ryan treated students to a lesson on how to make dream catchers so negative thoughts cannot strike while they are dreaming. The students were then able to take their dream catchers home at the end of the day.