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Hillside Students Add Winter Spirit to School

Hillside Elementary School safety patrol members hand out treats from the 'kindness cart'.Members of Hillside Elementary’s fourth grade safety patrol spread some holiday cheer in advance of the winter break by starting spirit week on Friday. Donning Santa Claus hats and jingle bells, safety patrol members helped raise the spirits of students throughout the school–but they did not just focus on the students.

Safety patrol members made a special effort to raise the spirits of their teachers at Hillside. Students handed out holiday treats and hot cocoa from their kindness cart to faculty and staff to give thanks for all that they do.

“I wanted to do it because I want to make the teachers happy,” said fourth grader Henry B.

“Safety Patrol gave out Santa hats with the kindness cart, so I’ve been wearing mine all day,” said Max J. “I want to spread some spirit and holiday cheer.”

Henry B. also gave the faculty and staff a little extra holiday cheer by bringing in cupcakes topped with sugar snow globes. The safety patrol member spent time after school on the homemade treats.

“I made a couple batches and my mom actually helped me a lot,” he said. “I want teachers to feel happy and loved by us when they leave the school every day.”

Faculty and staff were more than happy to receive the unexpected treats from their students. Hillside Elementary School counselor Juliann Snyder said it was especially meaningful because it was the safety patrol’s idea in the first place.

“We talked about showing appreciation and gratitude,” said Snyder. “They wanted to kick off spirit week as a way to lift spirits for all of us because teachers work really hard.”