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First Graders Kick Off Holiday by Helping the Needy

Hillside Elementary School first graders write cards destined for children in need.This past week, Hillside Elementary first grade students read the book “We Dream of a World,” which was written by children about what they wanted to see changed in the world. Inspired by the book, students wrote out and drew what they wished for.

“My wish for the world was that people won’t be mean to other people,” said first grader Owen O.

“My wish was that people would be kind to everyone because then people wouldn’t have to argue,” added Genevieve V.

A box of pajama and donations for the Pajama Project.The students' quest to make the world a better place did not end there.

The first graders set out to make a difference by joining together and donating pajamas and books to families in need. In coordination with the Pajama Project, a non-profit that provides new books and pajamas to children in need across the country and world, the first graders and their families collected materials to make the holidays a little warmer for children in need. Students spent Friday morning putting donation boxes together with special greetings for their intended recipients.

“We came together as a whole grade,” said first grade teacher Eryn Reigner. “Students worked on this together and it was really great.”

As for their wishes for the world, the students work will be showcased in a video compilation that will be shared with first grade parents.

Hillside first graders draw cards for children in need.