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Members of the Hastings High School orchestra.The instrumental music suite in the Farragut Complex that was redesigned and refurbished as part of the capital project approved by voters in 2018 is getting rave reviews from Hastings musicians. It is used by both middle school and high school students.
After spending months in the Farragut gym, the music department was able to move back into the remodeled space in January, taking advantage of two large ensemble rehearsal rooms; a smaller practice room, which can also be used for recording and editing; new lockers; two new SmartBoards; a separate music library; and shared office space.
“It was beautifully done,” says AP Music Theory teacher Eric Day, who also teaches middle school and high school band and orchestra. Pillars in the band and string rooms were made smaller, and the floors are now set on one level rather than four tiers, allowing for more versatility and space.
“We were very limited as to how we could set up in the old space,” says Day.
“We are delighted with the renovations,” says Michael Rubino, music department chairperson. “We can now comfortably fit the whole 7th and 8th grade band together. That’s about 45 students. It makes a huge difference.”
The students appreciate the renovation, too. "It's easier to focus in a more put-together space during rehearsals," says freshman Sofia Eliasi.
The new storage for instruments is also making a difference. “Now, every student has their own locker. It’s much more orderly and sets the tone for focus and making good music together,” says Day. 
The first installment of payment on the bond that is financing this renovation, along with the Hillside Elementary School expansion and other updates to the Farragut Complex, is reflected in the proposed 2022-23 school district budget. Voting will take place on Tuesday, May 17.
three picture of new music facilities and lids playing
Mat 9, 2022