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Hillside Students Cheer On Seniors at Annual Clap Out

Hillside students cheer graduatesOn Wednesday morning, June 22, the Annual Senior Clap Out was held at Hillside Elementary School.
A tradition that started years ago, the Senior Clap Out connects our younger students at Hillside to those that came before them, celebrating the Hastings High School graduates with congratulatory claps, and taking them back to the very halls where they began their schooling.
Hillside elementary schoolers lined up on the perimeter of the hallways, holding up signs that read "good luck" and "congratulations!"
As the seniors strutted through the hallways in matching t-shirts, they were met with high fives and cheers from little learners and teachers making a difference.
Retired Hillside second grade teacher Rosanne Cirasella is one such educator.
"She was my second grade teacher and by far my favorite!" said senior Kayla Daley.
Cirasella, who retired two years ago and taught at Hillside for many years, was invited to the Clap Out where she stood among former colleagues and students cheering on the Class of 2022.
The morning's senior send-off was filled with bright eyes, cheerful faces, and an abundance of hugs.
For a behind-the-scenes look at the event, watch a short video.
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