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A Spotlight on Social Studies:

Current and former Syracuse University Program Advance (SUPA) American History students came together at the Hastings-on-Hudson Public Library to discuss issues surrounding Civil Rights and racism in our society. 

Along with community volunteers, the discussion was led by Hastings High School Social Studies teacher Greg Smith. Students discussed the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the burden of living with racism.

"A very lively and fruitful discussion oscillated between historical events and contemporary challenges we all face," said Smith.   

Smith’s Criminal Justice class also received a visit from Hastings Alum ToniAnn Gagliardi (Class of '98).

Ms. Gagliardi, who has worked as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for Westchester County for a number of years, came in to share her journey in the field of law and explain the job of an ADA. Students asked insightful questions and engaged in a great discussion about the role that ADAs play in our justice system.

"Ms. Gagliardi's expertise and colorful stories gave students a portal into a world most of us know little about," Smith said.