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First Lesson of the Year: School Rules Are Cool!

kids in classorm with the principal and teacherIn conjunction with an annual review of the District Code of Conduct, taking place now through October, each of Hastings’ three school buildings opened the year by introducing their specific Discipline Code for Students – frameworks that will guide student behavior in the 2023-24 school year and will be regularly reinforced and refreshed by administrators and teachers.

At Hillside, Principal Amy Cazes and Assistant Principal Michael LaRocco gave presentations tailored to each grade level to teach students about their school’s Discipline Code and the importance of following rules. For kindergarteners, smaller, more intimate classroom discussions were had, and for grades 1-4, group gatherings were held at various times in the Multipurpose Room.

“What do you imagine your school day would be like if there were no rules,” Cazes asked a group of first graders. “Would it be a good day or a bad day?”

“Bad!” the students shouted out in unison.

“That’s right,” Cazes said. “We need rules to live together and work together as a community.”

LaRocco informed students about the ways that school rules are helpful and the rights that students deserve when they come to school each day, including:

  • The right to feel safe and healthy
  • The right to respectful treatment
  • The right to a school environment fit for learning
  • The right to learn and grow
  • The right to information about school rules
  • The right to take part in district activities

The Hillside theme was also read aloud.

Hillside is a learning laboratory. We mix respect, courage, and curiosity to get the formula for success!

“And when can we show respect?” Cazes said. “When we know the rules.”

Click here for the 8/25 memo from Superintendent Dr. William McKersie, which outlines the District Code of Conduct review process and links to the school-specific Discipline Codes for Students.