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Kindergartners Celebrate 10 Days of School with Zero the Hero & Her Number One Sidekick

On Monday, kindergartners at Hillside Elementary School celebrated 10 days of school with Zero the Hero (wink wink, Principal Amy Cazes), who came into each classroom with her trustee sidekick Number One (wink wink, Assistant Principal Michael LaRocco).

Students learned that when put together, the number one and the number zero make the number 10, a benchmark number in early childhood education. They participated in various "number 10" activities including creating a 10-space pattern, writing the number 10 in tally marks, tracing it, and counting 10 items.

By using 10 as a reference point, the district's youngest learners realized the patterns in the numbers and how to count up to 10.

"They were most excited about making a 10 in their place value charts!" said Teacher Nina D'Amato.