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Sixth Graders Meet Author of Wildoak, C.C. Harrington

Students with author on a Zoom0screenAfter reading Wildoak, nearly 50 sixth-grade English Language Arts students had the unique opportunity to meet with author of the novel, Christina (C.C.) Harrington. The virtual visit, which comes as a result of a generous grant from the PTSA, included additional instructional support from the students’ teachers –Mary Greene, Larry Cerretani, Julie Sullivan, and Lior Fishman—and allowed students to hear from Harrington about her writing process.

Through figurative language and a captivating plot, Wildoak, Harrington’s first book, tells the story of a girl with a speech-related disability who finds her voice to speak up for animal rights and conservation. An unlikely friendship is formed between two characters, both outcasts trying to find their place in an often unfriendly world. 

Students listened intently as Harrington shared her inspiration for the story, quick to ask questions afterwards. One student, Julette Budrias, even asked, “What strategies do you use to get unstuck in the writing process?"

author of the novel, Christina (C.C.) HarringtonHarrington loves connecting with readers and students and offers both virtual and in-person visits. Her presentations touch on sources of inspiration, research, revision and what goes into writing realistic fiction. 

“It was such an amazing culminating experience for the students to bring the text to a close in this way,” Cerretani said. 

“Christina Harrington is a masterful writer who helps students understand the interconnectedness of humans and the natural world,” Greene added. 

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