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Teachers David Felberbaum and Jeanne Berry Organize a Festive Grand Opening of Hillside's K-2 Teacher Book Room


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Hillside is lucky to have dedicated professionals on staff.  Second grade teachers, David Felberbaum and Jeanne Berry teamed up to bring their vision to reality and organized the K-2 Teacher Book Room.  Now, teachers can use this space with ease to select books for guided reading, nonfiction studies, book clubs and more!  Hillside staff celebrated the "Grand Opening" with a Hillside colored ribbon cutting ceremony.  Mr. Felberbaum and Mrs. Berry infused their creativity into this celebration by creating a "gift shop" with catchy bumper stickers, t-shirts, bookworm treats and bookmark takeaways for teachers.  It's amazing what happens at Hillside with collaboration!  We would like to thank Mr. Felberbaum and Mrs. Berry for their time, commitment and vision and for making great things happen at Hillside!