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“Silent In Volume Loud in Voice”

“Silent In Volume Loud in Voice”

A Campaign For Equality Launched by Hastings-on-Hudson School District

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY - On this Juneteenth, the Hastings-on-Hudson UFSD announces thelaunch of “Silent in Volume Loud in Voice” an effort to encourage a strong community-widestand against racism. Sparked by conversations with the district’s Diversity Committee, this effort was conceived by Eryn Reigner, a Hastings teacher in partnership with the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Jenice Mateo-Toledo, and school guidance counselors, Jennifer Bellas, Jeanette Kocur, Jocelyn Perez, and Juliann Snyder.

#SilentInVolumeLoudInVoice is a call to action to unite the Hastings community, share voices,show support, and have messages for equality seen. The school district is asking the Hastingscommunity to be part of the change by creating a sign that can be displayed on their lawn,window, or other location. Age appropriate themes and inspirations are available for elementary,middle, and high school grade groups.“

In light of the current state of our nation and in support of people of color, we feel compelled totake a moment to involve the children in a positive outreach with this campaign,” expressed Mrs.Reigner. The initial concept was to fill a field with messages of inclusivity, acceptance, kindness,love, and intolerance towards racism. Due to the current pandemic, and the need to not gatherphysically, the campaign is asking that signs be displayed at individual homes andoffices. Eryn Reigner continued, “We do not want this pandemic to stand in the way of giving voice to our students, your children. Our hope is to unite families and the community in the fight for equality.” 

#SilentInVolumeLoudInVoice asks you to be part of the change by creating and displaying a sign, taking a photo of your family with the sign, and emailing it to  Photos collected will be included in a silent film that will be shared with the community."

In a recent Diversity Committee meeting, I shared with the committee an example of how a district in Northern Westchester used lawn signs to launch their No Place For Hate campaign. I am happy that Eryn Reigner created an even more powerful way for us to engage the community by having them show their commitment to creating an anti-racist mindset in the community of Hastings. I also suggested that in our schools, every adult make a sign and place it on their classroom or office door. This is another visible way to show our support and commitment to creating anti-racist schools".

Click on the following links to learn more about our vision and how you can participate. 

Click here for a brief informational video about this endeavor

Click here to explore the document 

Click here to request a blank sign (Due by June 22nd)