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Pint Size Principals at Hillside

three photosMuch to the surprise of Hillside Elementary School students, they had a different principal for a day recently. In fact, they had three principals, and Mrs. Cazes wasn’t among them!
Third grade twins Asher and Cyrus R. and fourth grader Penelope B. took the helm of the school after their parents won the experience for them in raffles as part of PTSA/SEPTA and Hastings Education Foundation fund raisers.
One of the first things they got to do was make a rule for their class. Penelope’s choice certainly raised her status in the eyes of some of her classmates. “She gave us extra recess!” said Hudson T. 
They then had to oversee a fire drill. That was the part Asher liked most. “I got to use the megaphone at the fire drill and tell all the people in the school what to do,” he said.
“It was really fun,” said Cyrus of the day’s experience. “I like to lead things but I don’t get to do it that often.” He also enjoyed the fire drill. “I liked using the walkie-talkie,” he said. 
 The three conducted class tours of the school’s new addition and tried out the new elevator. 
“I really like the multi-purpose room,” said Cyrus. “We got to see it with the bleachers up and down.”
Asher also got a kick out of leading a class through the new addition. “I was one of the first kids to see it,” he said. 
“I was happy to offer Principal for a Day as a prize to PTSA, SEPTA and HEF, as they all do so much for our schools,” said Hillside’s real principal, Amy Cazes. “It was a treat to have them experience what it is like to lead Hillside. From tasks like making announcements, conducting a fire drill, and visiting classrooms to culture including catching kids exhibiting core values, greeting everyone in the hallway, and writing thank you notes to teachers and staff, our young principals did a phenomenal job.”
“It was really cool,” Penelope said of the experience, although she acknowledged that being a principal “looked hard. My feet got tired.” 
Asher said he could see that a principal has a lot of work to do. Would he like to have this experience again? “Yes,” he said very emphatically. “I’d do it again any day!”
“I told them that if I ever need to be absent, I feel good knowing that I have three very capable substitutes!" said Mrs. Cazes.
Asher would happily take up the task, noting that there’s really one thing stopping him from being a real principal right now. “Being a kid!”