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Special Education Advisory Committee Hard at Work

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Using the principles and practices of improvement science, the Hastings' Special Education Advisory Committee has been working to enhance the outcome for students with individualized education plans (IEPs) districtwide. 

The committee, made up of various stakeholders from across school buildings, identified a key problem or practice to explore and a related theory of action.

After much deliberation, the group coalesced around the problem of academic performance disparities for students with IEPs and created the following theory of action:

If we focus on improving the academic performance of students with disabilities, then students will feel supported, comfortable, and confident to pursue whatever path is best suited for their individual success.

To gain a deeper understanding of the problem, the committee analyzed quantitative and qualitative data, including a review of reports related to special education. Members also discussed the history and culture of the district related to special education. Inquiry into leadership, teaching and learning practices related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning and the learning environment provided additional context.

To guide next steps, the committee will continue to explore this problem of practice, using root cause analysis and peer reviewed research.