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In Case You Missed It: Hillside's SEPTA Carnival

Hillside Elementary School recently hosted its SEPTA Carnival, which was a smashing success despite rain showers that moved the event indoors. There was representation from SEPTA, the Hastings faculty and staff, and volunteer parents, matched by an impressive level of student involvement.


High schoolers, middle schoolers, and a couple of our young Hillside students partnered, side by side, to create a joyous and engaging atmosphere for the Hastings community. Booths were staffed mostly by high school students, who patiently explained the rules, even to the youngest players, cheering them on with a show of leadership and mentorship. Our middle schoolers helped with set up and stepped in whenever needed.


“One of the students came as an attendee and jumped in to help sell 50/50s and run one of the carnival games,” explained Jennifer Destin, a SEPTA leader. 


Thank you to all the caring individuals who made the carnival a success. Click here to read a special note of appreciation for the community and volunteers from SEPTA.  


Moatge of event photos