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Hillside Elementary School Begins a New Tradition to Celebrate Faculty & Staff

celbrateNearly 40 faculty members at Hillside, including aides, administrators, custodians, secretaries and teachers, attended a salad bar luncheon last week at Hillside Elementary School. Staff had the chance to sign up and bring the ingredients for their favorite salads.

"There was a lot of food and nothing but positive feedback with a few suggestions of wanting chocolate when we were done!" said Physical Education teacher Bob McCann. "Amy and I picked a day that was a bit lighter on the schedule so more people could join in."

All in all, it was a great success, and there will be a push next year to have similar luncheons more frequently.

The gathering exemplifies the strong connections and supportive culture at Hillside, with appreciation for all the faculty and staff for everything they do on a daily basis for the village's children.

Food buffet