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Middle School Technology Class Fosters Imagination

Rory-McKinnons-park-design-using-TinkerCADStudents in Louis Cooper’s sixth grade technology class recently completed an engineering design project that had them create their dream park or transportation system.
After researching three parks and three transportation systems, the students got to work doing everything from brainstorming and sketching to creating a 3D model, using the software TinkerCAD.
Rory McKinnon’s park was “pretty typical” she said, and featured sports fields and food trucks.
Hudson-Sundberg-shows-his-hover-train-on-the-computerLuca Chen allowed his imagination to run a little and included pigs in his park design. “I thought a park should have animals. I just had fun with it,” he said. “Sometimes the research is hard,” he said "but in the end it’s fun to get to do the designs.”
Hudson Sundberg chose to design a transportation system. “I designed a hover train that goes all over Africa, Asia and Europe. I was going to do a normal train but then decided on the hover train. It was fun. I like that we had the freedom to create whatever kind of system that we wanted.”
The sixth grade technology class introduces students to the engineering design process, 3D printing, coding and web design.
May 9, 2022