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The refurbished auditorium can accommodate up to 320 people.It's just a matter of weeks before the refurbished auditorium in the middle school will be ready for prime time: Workers are putting the finishing touches to the 260-seat facility in time for a soft opening when graduating eighth graders will gather and see the traditional class slide show before their recognition night in the high school auditorium.
The new auditorium, on the third floor of the middle school, was in complete disrepair and had not been used for years. It has been restored as part of the capital project approved by voters in 2018.
It will afford space for large assemblies, something the middle school has been lacking until now. Designed with flexibility to accommodate an additional 60 persons, the room's capacity is 320. The auditorium will be used by both the middle and high school for grade level assemblies, performances, and other occasions when large numbers of students and visitors gather.
“I am thrilled about all the possibilities and opportunities the new auditorium will provide our students and staff,” said Jennifer Spirelli, FMS principal. “It adds an informal as well as formal gathering and learning space. We are eager to utilize the space, not only for assemblies and guest speakers, but for student presentations.” 
view from the audienceThe auditorium renovation is one of the major components of the capital project, which also included the Hillside Elementary School addition, renovation of the music suite in the Farragut Complex and a number of important upgrades to district facilities, including: At Hillside, a new roof, some new energy-efficient windows, first floor flooring and brick repointing. In the Farragut Complex, half of the middle school roof, a new boiler (replacing one dating to the 1980s), repointing of brickwork and restoring the cornice on the exterior of the historic building. The first installment of payment on the bond that is financing these projects is reflected in the proposed 2022-23 school district budget. Voting will take place on Tuesday, May 17.