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Middle Schoolers Engage in Healthy, Social Fun

Biys at around table playing card gamesOn Thursday and Friday evening, January 26 and 27, middle schoolers attended their Annual Social events. 

From a peaceful area with art-based activities and games, to a DJ and dance floor, a bean bag toss and basketball, the occasion had something for everyone.

“Our Annual Socials provide students with opportunities to build their interpersonal skills, cultivate positive relationships, and practice face-to-face communication absent of cell phones,” said Farragut Middle School Principal Jennifer Spirelli. “Overall, they have brought lots of joy to our students.”

 two girls pose in doorway, dressed and ready for the Annual SocialIn his Community Update on January 27, ahead of the seventh and eighth grade event, Superintendent Dr. William McKersie noted a concrete belief of the district: healthy social fun is essential to fostering a strong educational community.  

"Thank you to the PTSA for sponsoring the Socials, and to FMS administrators and staff for stepping up as chaperones," he said.

crowrds inside at the annual social