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Farragut Fifth Graders Celebrate 1,000 Days of School

Before mid-winter recess, fifth graders at Farragut Middle School celebrated 1,000 days of school, the total number of days since their start in Hillside’s kindergarten class, by participating in a Chain of 1,000 exercise.

First, using what they learned about fractions, they determined how much paper was needed to make 1,000 links and cut it into strips. On each strip, they wrote notes that included what they love most about Farragut Middle School, something they’ve learned along the way, and what they are grateful for. 

Afterwards, by linking each strip together, they made a vibrant Chain of 1,000. 

“Just like the 100th day of school is a milestone for primary grades, upper grades love to celebrate, too,” said Fifth Grade Team Leader Shannon Gray.

Students basked in all that they’ve achieved, collaborating with each other on various other activities throughout the day.