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A Behind-the-Scenes Look into Suessical Jr., A Hastings Theatre Program Production

click to play video image f kids on stage for sussicalOn Friday, March 3, and Saturday, March 4, Farragut Middle School's fifth graders performed their production of Seussical Jr. for the Hastings schools community.

A story of friendship, loyalty, and love, it was one to remember. 

“Last week’s Seussical Jr. proves that theatre is alive and well in Hastings!” said Production Coordinator Phyllis Udice. “Fifth graders pulled at heartstrings, created genuine moments of laughter, and left the crowd humming show tunes as they left the auditorium.”

“This is a real winner of a fifth-grade musical, with important social-emotional lessons such as accepting people who don't think quite like you, and it is presented in a whimsical and disarming way,” Director Jon Riss said. “Students effortlessly rose to the occasion. This is particularly impressive since our rehearsal period was shortened by a week due to illness and we also lost a dress rehearsal due to the recent snow day.”

Friday night’s event even included a food donation organized by the Hastings Youth Council with all proceeds benefitting the Hastings Food Pantry.

“I am thrilled that the students had the opportunity to perform for a packed house both nights and I’m super appreciative of all who donated food,” Riss added. “And lastly, thank you to our sixth graders who gave their time on Friday night to help with food collection.” 

Watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look into the cast and crew's rehearsal and performance.