Tentative Syllabus

Duquette, 6th Grade ELA   Tentative Syllabus


  • Social Guidelines for the Classroom
  • The Liberation of Gabriel King Summer Reading Unit: reflection writing, paragraph writing lessons, book discussions, current events tie-in discussions, social injustice mini-research
  • Poetry:  diamonte and/or biopoem
  • Vocabulary--related to summer reading
  • Punctuation


  • Story Elements Study
    • Short stories:  including His First Flight, Early Autumn, All Summer in a Day
    • Anchor Text:  The Crazy Man 
  • Figurative Language: metaphor, simile, personification
  • Poetry
  • Narrative writing
  • Vocabulary--related to short stories
  • Vocabulary quiz
  • Parts of Speech:  nouns, verbs, adjectives
  • Independent reading: book choice and weekly in-class reading time


  • Story Elements 
  • Figurative language and imagery:  personification, metaphor, simile, symbolism
  • Narrative writing
  • Vocabulary--related to short stories
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • Parts of Speech:  nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs
  • Nonfiction:  Jr. Scholastic Magazine and lessons on article structures
  • Independent reading: weekly in-class reading time; book talks; time for monthly Padlet digital book response entries
  • “Senior Friends Day” cross-curricular interviews and writing


  • Historical Fiction unit
    • groups
    • book talks
    • supporting a written thesis/claim with sufficient evidence
  • Grammar and sentence strucutre
  • Figurative language and imagery
  • Poetry booklets  
  • Independent reading


  • Historical Fiction unit, continued
    • Group work:  historical fiction book talks; sharing of independent book “jobs”
    • Historical Fiction book test with essay
  • Grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, compound sentences
  • Poetry: booklets continued, lyric poetry 
  • Nonfiction
  • Independent reading


  • Poetry Focus: structure, inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s poetry; bio and autobio poems, tritina poems
  • Grammar:  Independent clauses, compound sentences, complex sentences
  • Nonfiction Study
    • Current events
    • Video, podcasts, print, online media
  • Independent reading 


  • Poetry Focus: pantoum, sestina, sonnet, or other
  • Grammar:  Subordinate clauses
  • Comma Quiz--using subordinate clauses
  • Nonfiction signpost: Extreme Language and others
  • Nonfiction Unit:  Research, including print, digital, podcast; choose a current events thesis; writing for persuasion, information, or argument; final paper
  • Invention Dimension (cross-curricular with social studies) highlighting and notes
  • Independent reading: weekly in-class reading time; book talks; Padlet


  • Continued from March
  • Invention Dimension (cross-curricular with social studies) notes and outline
  • Social Justice Unit: book groups, mentor text, discussions, writing activities


  • Social Justice Unit: book clubs, mentor text, final project
  • Invention Dimension (cross-curricular with social studies) final paper
  • Greek prefixes and mythology


  • Poetry presentations
  • Reflections and writing
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