The 2023-2024 school year marks my twenty-fifth year at Farragut Middle School as a sixth grade social studies teacher.  Over these years, I have also taught seventh grade social studies as well as a number of different electives (AOKs).

     I have degrees from Brandeis University (Sociology and Near East and Judaic Studies) and Columbia University Teachers College, and received an extension certificate in social studies 7-9 from Fordham University. Prior to coming to Hastings, I had ten years' experience as a "generalist" in grades 3-6 where I taught all core subjects except for science.  At FMS, I have been teaching only social studies, which, as my students know, is the most important subject as it connects to everything!

     Teaching social studies is a natural fit for me as I love to travel and learn about different cultures and their history.  I find ways to share my travel experiences with my students, showing them that the world is interconnected and theirs to explore.   For the past twenty some years, I have also served as the Sixth Grade Team Coordinator.  I enjoy planning and running special programs and trips for sixth graders.